Bamara Training – RTO Code: 4011 has been operating since 2021, is a majority Indigenous owned organisation and is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. 

We take a professional, holistic and tailored approach to the learning needs of our student cohorts. Our team takes into account the local and regional education and employment needs, cultural awareness and creating culturally safe workplaces, along with industry and sector growth areas. 

Our interest is in the individual and in how we can assist each person to achieve their career goals and their personal and professional aspirations. 

Bamara Training caters to the training needs of businesses and their employees through a range of micro skill, pre-employment and entry-level courses focused on better performance in the workplace.  

What we do

We deliver career-focused training and qualifications to equip individuals with relevant skills for entry-level and pre-employment, as well as the professional progression through their chosen field of work. 

Bamara Training is responsive to labour market changes and specific demands in regions, and this informs our tailored and ‘niche’ education and training packages. 

Our trainers are genuine in their endeavours to help individuals successfully complete courses, connect with employers and can assist those looking to start their own businesses.

Why choose us?

  • Innovative learning
  • Tailored training outcomes
  • Consistent and positive communication
  • Certified trainers who care about your progress
  • Culturally informed respectful approach
  • Responsive to the needs and circumstances of students.

What we will do for you

  • Listen carefully to your aspirations, questions, personal challenges and co-design an education/ training pathway for you to reach your goals. 
  • Effectively deliver training that will engage your attention and support your learning. 
  • Provide valuable feedback and useful advice on your work and progress. 
  • Provide positive and inspired trainers committed in helping you to succeed.
  • Help you understand how your business could benefit from engaging with us and making our courses available to your employees to meet your business needs and operational demands. 
  • Provide a personalised concierge service to all students reminding them of the time, date and location of their training sessions. 

Our mission

Our mission is to foster and promote educational development for people and communities by delivering supportive, professional, and culturally competent services. 

Bamara Training is committed to: 

  • A vision for individual economic independence for individuals, achieved through education and employment and positive life choices. 
  • Empowering communities through capacity and capability development to create sustainable futures built on local strengths and opportunities. 
  • Providing practical support for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners to increase their business capability through education, allowing them to grow their businesses.

Our values

People + Community
We respect people’s differences and value a diverse society. We believe diversity enriches and brings a broad and varied perspective necessary to underpin strong and healthy communities.

Opportunity + Excellence
We’re focused on solutions, strengths, and creating opportunities for our clients and partners. Our benchmark is excellence, and we look for the same alignment in our partners.

Trust + Respect
Bamara Training works to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners based on trust and respect. We seek to secure contracts where activity is mutually beneficial for all parties.

Bamara Training looks to the long-term. We act with a sense of responsibility and commitment to the people and communities we serve, designing and delivering services that will make a discernible difference and produce sustainable outcomes with continued future growth.